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If you find any "Dead" or "Useless" links, please eMail us with full details.

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Free locations (these change by the day) to have your Website listed
Northern Light Google Starting Point AltaVista
1500+ Search Engines
20 Engines for Free
You'll need 2 hours
AOL, Netscape, etc.
Spanish and English
Lycos WebCrawler DogPile Ask Jeves
What's New Too i-Explorer WebVenture Galaxy
Infospace ProsperNet BizWeb Apollo
suggest it page
World Announce
Hot Bot RescueIsland
Many Search Engine Companies are merging
Don't be too surprised if some of these do too
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Pay to have your Website listed
   A good place for a small site to start:
    » Google «    Only $8-$15 for 1,000 showings
    » Inktomi «  by Yahoo    First URL $39 year, additional URLs $25 year (reliable)
    » I.C.L.S. «    A Listing Service $40.oo year (reliability as yet unknown)
   Then, as your site grows:
Start up fee $5.oo    » BrainFox «   bid on links from 1 cent a 'click though'
Plans start at $25 month » ePilot « bid as low as 2 cents a 'click though' link
$199 - get listed in 2 days   » LookSmart «   or get listed in 8 days - $99
  2 plans: $99 or $199 month » Overture.com « Bid on links from 5cents click though  
Plans run $50-$199 month » GoTo.com « bid on links from 5 cents a 'click though'
Do it yourself Software - either for your Computer or Online
$149  $70  $95 
$20 per month 
If you find any "Dead" or "Useless" links, please eMail us with full details.