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URL Search Engine Submission Sites Need To Be Easily Accessible.
So, For Speed, Submit Your Web Sites To These Constantly Updated Free Locations:
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Free locations (these change by the day) to have your Website listed
Northern Light Google Starting Point AltaVista
1500+ Search Engines
27 Engines for Free
You'll need 2 hours
AOL, Netscape, etc.
Spanish and English
Lycos WebCrawler DogPile InfoSeek
What's New Too i-Explorer WebVenture Galaxy
Infospace ProsperNet BizWeb Apollo
Self-Help Excite Magellan LinkMaster
suggest it page
World Announce Archive Hot Bot RescueIsland
Direct Hit Ah-ha FindWhat ValleyAlley
Many Search Engine Companies are merging
Don't be too surprised if some of these do too
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Pay to have your Website listed
   A good place for a small site to start:
    » Google «    Only $8-$15 for 1,000 showings
    » Inktomi «  by Yahoo    First URL $39 year, additional URLs $25 year (reliable)
    » I.C.L.S. «    A Listing Service $37.5o year (reliability as yet unknown)
   Then, as your site grows:
Start up fee $5.oo    » BrainFox «   bid on links from 1 cent a 'click though'
Plans start at $25 month » ePilot « bid as low as 2 cents a 'click though' link
$199 - get listed in 2 days   » LookSmart «   or get listed in 8 days - $99
  2 plans: $99 or $199 month » Overture.com « Bid on links from 5cents click though  
Plans run $50-$199 month » GoTo.com « bid on links from 5 cents a 'click though'
Initial Fee $100 » Sprinks by About.com « then bid on thier Top5 'Spinks'
Various Programs at » Bay9 « includes placement, auction, lotto, banner and eMail
   Guaranteed Top Placement:
    » Mamma.com «    From 23 cents Cost-Per-Click (no monthly fee)
Do it yourself Software - either for your Computer or Online
$149  $70  $95      $20
per month 
If you find any "Dead" or "Useless" links, please eMail us with full details.