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You can register many types of Domain Names at and we also have a few that are for sale.  Apart from the usual Domain Names that have the Top Level Domain of .com .org or .net, we can also register  .ca  .cc  .tv  .ws , as well as the new  .info .biz .name or .us for you.  These Domains are just as accessible over the WORLD WIDE WEB as are the others.

"Why would I need one - and why are some higher prices ?"

If the domain you wanted is not available as a .com .org or .net, you might still find it available as one of these other TLDs (Top Level Domain).   Another reason might be if the TLD would better suit your company, such as or short for your MyCompany's Web Site.

As these TLDs are supplied by different countries (.ws Western Samoa, .tv Tuvalu, .ca Canada, .cc Cocos Islands, and The United Kingdom of Great Britain), the prices are controlled by them and, except for the U.K. and Canada, they are small countries that make less money than most and are offering these TLDs as a way to get revenue.

"How do I request a domain name ?"

If you'd like us to register a domain for you, please fill out this Domain Registration Form including the type of account.

i.e. Active Domain Parking, Web Site Hosting,
      Hosting elsewhere, etc.   ( See "Pricing" )
As we register multiple domains, by using our own account, we get you the cheaper price of only $25 per year (.com/net/org/biz/info/name).  If you wish to register through us but host on a different server location, it's required that you initially register for a minimum of 2 years ($45) and we re-direct the domain as soon as your invoice is paid.
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If you prefer, you can just fill out the Domain Registration Form and we will do the searching for you FREE of charge.

( all prices are subject to change - it's out of our control )

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