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  • Domain and Web Page Hosting
        We know that everybody will want to have their own domain sooner or later, so we offer a fully maintianed "Domain Name" registration service where you can get your own domain, such as, and have a place to put it. By owning your own domain, you are positioning yourself in the elite group of professionals that your potential clients and readers will respect.

        We only charge $25 per annum. "But I can get it cheaper myself".
      Yes you can do it all yourself, but with the MyHost service you register and forget it as we do all the work.
      What that means is, you ask us to find and register the domain you want, we search and find alternatives if the one you'd like is unavailable (we can also 'back order' one for you if the one you want is in use), fill out all the 'paper work', we let you know if any official changes happen, pay the registry and invoice you (only make one payment to us), point it to where ever you need it to be directed to and notify you when it's due for renewal.
      Fully maintained means just that: You request and forget it as we do all the work.

        If you are on a really small budget, you can request a free Sub-Domain Directory Listing from us where your Website would be accessed by the URL or  (your choice).

      If you'd like us to register a domain for you, Please fill out this Domain Registration Form including the type of account.
      i.e. Domain Parking, Active Domain Parking,
      Web Site Hosting, etc.   ( See "Pricing" )
      If you wish to register through us but move to a different server location, we require that you initially register for a minimum of 2 years ($45), and we will move you as soon as your invoice is paid.

      Click here to see if your Domain Name choice is available

    • Anonymous DNS Servers
        A Domain Name Server is how the InterNET addressing works. They carry all the information to tell the http:// request you enter in your Browser exactly where that URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is located and how best to get you there. So, as they are VERY important, we have several Servers working together in unison, as with our Web Servers, in what is known as a "cluster".   What that means is, if any one of them were to fail or be removed for service or replacement, then the others "pick up" immediately with no loss of service at all.

          In some cases, you might not want your customers to know where you host them or where your Web Pages are located.   Our "anonymous" DNS servers do not point back to MyHost but are still set up to automatically mirror all of the DNS information from MyHost's main DNS servers - so this is acheived.

          Though we offer you a great price for maintained domain registration (only $25 per annum for standard TLDs), you may wish to register yourself but still host with us. The DNS information you will need is below.  Alternatively, when you're ready to transfer your existing domains to us, the following DNS Server information you require is :         ( not case sensitive )
         Primary DNS Server Name :
              Primary DNS Server IP :
         Secondary DNS Server Name :
              Secondary DNS Server IP :

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